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All ages are welcome to take the first steps to being a future diver - hit an Aquatic Life 101 class and get ready for exploration under the sea! Or, start the aquatic journey with Learn to Swim classes, and swim on from there!

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Jewels Diver

EVery month!

freedive the reef

Discover Freediving, get officially certified, or come to freedive and explore the crystal clear waters that Cozumel has to offer. Drift over the reef in an easy current, and experience aquatic relaxation like you never have before!

Swim Freedive Cozumel

Aquatic fitness

Water workouts to make you feel great on land!

freediving Courses

Customized scheduled, personalized instruction

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swim lessons

Learn to Swim classes ~ for swimmers 6 months to adult

Swim ~ freedive ~ Mermaid

Colorado to cozumel

From her first job 29 years ago as a lifeguard and swim instructor in Colorado, to a certified Swim and Freediving Instructor / Mermaid Trainer living in Cozumel, Jewels is absolutely devoted to safety through education.

Freediving Instructor Cozumel


Mermaid Magic for all ages ~ pool parties, pro foto shoots, and more!

swim freedive cozumel

see how fun it can be under the sea!

  • Swim School - 6 months & up
  • Ocean Life 101 - Learn to Snorkel
  • Discover Freediving
  • Freediving Certification Courses
  • Freedive the Reef - Cozumel Marine Park
  • Learn to Mermaid
  • Professional Mermaid Training
  • Mermaid Fitness
  • Personalized Aquatic Fitness
  • Swim with a whale shark - Isla Mujeres
Cozumel Swimming

let's go ~ vamos!

Cozumel Freediving

Julie a ferrara, 

aquatic instructor