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A formal education in freediving will ensure you are doing it safely ~ your certification course is the perfect platform for you to learn, develop, and apply freediving skills as you get to know your personal limits.

Our freedive certification programs are built on a flexible, student-centered format, but usually takes 3 days to complete. It includes classroom, pool, and open water sessions.

Freediving courses for certification and Discover Freediving programs are offered year-round in Cozumel, Mexico

Kona, Hawaii ~ 2006

My 1st USA Record for No Fins at 43m/142ft. I had dear friends who were my safety for training, and then coach in the competition. I set out to break 3 USA records that trip - I finished with one; and learned a hard lesson about getting over-zealous in the pool disciplines. Still, I look back and love my focus in training, and state of mind in that US Nationals. This was definitely one of my favorite competition experiences.

freediving  Cozumel

sharm el-sheik, Egypt ~ 2008

I was a member of the 4-athlete USA Women's Team for the World Championships. We won the silver medal ahead of Japan for bronze, and behind the Russians with Natalia Molachnova taking gold.  I had my deepest dive in competition, but pre-dive stress lead to a tense performance, and a squeeze injury that would come back to haunt me later...ending my competitive freediving career, and changing my perspective on the sport - and Life - forever...

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Japan ~ 2006

The lone female of 5 athletes from the USA Freediving Team invited and honored to compete against Japan for a Dynamic No Fins competition they were recording for a variety show. From the hotel, to the training and competition pools...everything AWESOME! One of the most memorable trips of my llfe - they treated us like RoCk StaRs and we ended the trip proper w Shabu Shabu and Karaoke!

grand cayman ~ 2007

My freediving roots, PFI (Performance Freediving International), organizes an annual competition where, in 2007 I attended for the 2nd time and re-set my USA record for No Fins to 44m/145ft. That held until Ashley Chapman came on the USA freediving scene! I am forever grateful for my friends at PFI, who introduced me to the sport, and encouraged me to compete; all the time coaching and supporting me as I explored my potential. 

Freediving in Cozumel offers a way to immerse yourself in an aquatic world and experience tranquility in the underwater environment. Your official freediving certification will allow you to naturally flow into a whole new way of exploring the world beneath the sea using minimal equipment and one breath of air ~ Welcome to aquatic relaxation!

Take a boat trip for freediving Cozumel reefs in the marine park, do some easy exploring at our favorite site from shore, or complete your freediving certification by taking a freediving course ~ Vamos! Let's Go Freedive Cozumel !

Cozumel freediving is perfect for everyone and anyone ~ a novice freediver will find it super easy to relax and an experienced freediver will have plenty of views for motivation and inspiration to explore. 

Drift along gentle currents in comfortable water temperatures, gliding over the reef with crystal clear visibility, and enjoying the peace as your worries float away.


If you don't have your freediving certification yet, you are curious about freediving, or are an experienced SCUBA diver ready to go tankless, the reefs in the Cozumel marine park make the perfect backdrop to Discover Freediving with a certified instructor. Take this opportunity to practice some basic techniques at your own pace in a safe environment.