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mermaid fitness

In the pool or crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea - either one is the perfect gym for water workouts that will make your relaxation time on the beach well-deserved!

You will love the results from any one of the classes to choose from, all with a different twist to ensure a shapely mermaid figure, and leave you with a chill mermaid vibe well after your workout.

Mermaid Relax - This soothing session helps to focus the mermaid's breath for complete aquatic relaxation. We'll begin with a gentle warm-up on land using a real merFin as an exercise prop. The easy flow continues with your feet on the bottom, in standing-depth water, for slow relaxing movements that allow the water to carry your stress away...

Fit 2 Be A Mermaid - For those who are comfortably aquatic; a unique and challenging workout that will bring out your inner mermaid as we work the core, then take advantage of water resistance for toned and fabulous mermaid arms. Bring your cardio conditioning to a whole other level with underwater swims that seem more like fun than a workout!

Mermaid Fitness sessions are 70 minutes. All participants must be comfortable swimmers and will be under supervision at all times.

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mermaid magic

Safety is key as you are patiently guided through your transition from land legs to a mermaid tail. In the pool or crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea - either one is perfect for swimming like a mermaid, and we can't wait to welcome you to our merTribe!

Learn to Mermaid -This 2-hour, personalized session will take you thru basic techniques for proper mermaid swimming. We'll share our best tips for nice and easy underwater swims; before you know it, you'll be swimming like a dolphin and mastering mermaid tricks!

Professional Mermaid Training - Includes an official freediving certification, monofin swim  lesson, and aquatic fitness designed specifically for professional mermaiding!

Movie Star Mermaid - This 3-hour, professional photo shoot session is sure to capture the essence of your inner mermaid and leave you with mermaid memories for a lifetime -  perfect for fun or professional portfolio!

Be a mermaid in cozumel

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to swim like a mermaid? Gliding thru the water effortlessly as all your worries drift away?

Now you can make your mermaid dreams reality, and there's no better place to make your mermaid splash than Cozumel, Mexico!

Our merTribe is forever growing - we invite you to be our merMate whether it is your 1st or 400th mermaid swim. Imagination, education, and safety are the key ingredients to these fun-filled, learn to mermaid swim and fitness programs that nurture mermaid dreams across generations!

Mermaid cozumel

Everyone is welcome - these aquatic fitness sessions are great while you are here for a visit, or as part of your regular mermaid lifestyle here in Cozumel!